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Thinking of selling your home or maybe buying a house?
In either case, Lee Garland and his team are here to assist you.
Our real estate professionals make selling your home or finding a new one a breeze.
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Numbers speak for themselves. Since 2014, Lee Garland has averaged over 300 sales per year, and in 2018 he hit his long-term goal of 500+ closed transactions in a single year.

Recommended by Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank

Amongst the many realtors in Madison, MS., or anywhere, Lee Garland is the only option that’s recommended by Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank.

How Lee Garland Stands Out From Other Central MS. Realtors – At a Glance

Just a glance at what Lee and his team have achieved gives you an idea of why locals turn to him for their Mississippi real estate needs.

Since 2014, Lee Garland has consistently averaged more than 300 home sales every single year. His long-term goal has always been to close more than 500 transactions in a single year, which he achieved in 2018.

List Your Homes for Sale in Mississippi

When you are ready to sell your house, you get three main options from Lee Garland.



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Your Home's Market Value

Fun. Informative. Fast. Lee Garland makes the Traditional Sales process a breeze.

Jackson, MS Realtors

Your Home Sale Guaranteed

Lee Garland’s team sells one home every 18 hours on average. Take the traditional route, or join our Guaranteed Sale program to breathe easy—no matter what.

Jackson, MS Realtors

Get an Instant Cash Offer

With the Buy It Now program, we’ll take your home off your hands ASAP.

Your Home's Market Value

Your Home's Market Value

Fun. Informative. Fast. Lee Garland makes the Traditional Sales process a breeze.

Your Home Sale Guaranteed

Your Home Sale Guaranteed

Lee Garland’s team sells one home every 18 hours on average. Take the traditional route, or join our Guaranteed Sale program to breathe easy.

Get an Instant Cash Offer

Get an Instant Cash Offer

With the Instant Cash Offer program, we’ll take your home off your hands ASAP.



Jessie & Paula had a great property in Brandon, but sadly it sat unsold for 8 months. How frustrating! So, then they decided to list with Lee Garland and his team, whose unmatched marketing had the home under contract in no time! Imagine how happy they were to finally be able to move on to their new home! That’s the power of Lee Garland!

James and Cathy spruced up their Reservoir community property, put a “For Sale by Owner” sign in the yard, and waited. After many frustrating weeks of no results they decided to hire a professional. Their neighbor referred them to Lee Garland, who turned on his marketing magic and, within four days, James and Cathy had a signed, full-price contract on their home. WOW!



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Marketing Methods 100%
Celebrity Endorsement 100%
Personal Commitment to YOU 100%

Sell My House Fast for Cash

Not all homeowners want to take their time selling their houses in Mississippi. If you want to finish the process as quickly as possible, take advantage of our Buy It Now program. We will make you a cash offer on your house and buy it as soon as you accept our offer. This lets you move on to your next adventure quickly.

How Much Is My House Worth? – Your Home’s Market Value

With this method, we start by determining your home’s market value, and afterward, we follow the traditional sales process. Our experience ensures the process goes smoothly, and our team works with you to get the most money possible for your home sale.

Guaranteed Home Sale

The Guaranteed Sale program is exactly what it sounds like. It guarantees that your house will sell. In the rare case that Lee Garland and his team can’t find a buyer, they will buy it from you.






2018 SALES




  • Lee Garland builds relationships one home at a time, using expert real estate services and rapport.


  • Whether it’s on social media, TV ads, or the radio, we market properties on a higher level than the competition.


  • Lee averages more homes sold in 1 week than the average agent does in 1 year.


  • Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran knows—Lee Garland's realtors are the best in Jackson, MS. On average, Lee Garland’s team sells 1 home every 18 hours.


  • When you sell your home, you have the choice of Sell Your Home for the Most Money, Your Home Sale Guaranteed, or Get an Instant Cash Offer.


  • From the moment we shake hands to the moment your sale or purchase is complete, our Jackson, MS realtors got your back—through every step of the process.

Real Estate – Its Sells or Lee Buys it!

A medium-sized city located in Mississippi, Brandon is the 19th largest community in the entire state. An area filled with lavish homes, owned by people from all walks of life, living in Mississippi is ideal for anyone who enjoys the finer things and life and is not afraid of working to attain them. Whether you are seeking a home with a nice view, a massive pool, a huge yard, or anything else you can think of, you will be able to find it in Mississippi. Either way, those selling their homes will have a much easier process with the help of Lee Will Buy It. Our team of top realtors in Jackson, Mississippi is committed to making the home selling process seamless, simple, and timely.


Reasons Why You Need Our Realtor Services

If you are interested in selling a home in Mississippi, you might be tempted to go at it alone. However, this is not recommended for anyone, especially those who do not have extensive experience in buying and selling properties on their own. Before you decide to try to list and sell the property on your own, here are some reasons why you will benefit from hiring a top-rated real estate agent from the Lee Garland Group.

MLS Access

One of the benefits of hiring top realtors to help sell your property is that it will allow you to access MLS or the Multiple Listing Service. By using this service, your home will be able to be viewed by thousands of other real estate companies who may happen to be looking for a property such as yours. The visibility is not just local to those in Mississippi. MLS services allow your listing to be viewed by buyers and other agents across the country and around the world. This means that you will not only get more interested buyers but that you can also potentially sell your home at a higher price. This is one of the best resources for those attempting to sell their homes in a timely and efficient manner.

Knowledge and Experience

The process of selling your home can be rather complex and filled with many curveballs and obstacles. This makes it especially tedious for those who are inexperienced. When you hire a professional realtor, you have access to an expert who can help guide you through the process.

Our top realtors help home sellers to avoid common mistakes in the process. These include unnecessary upgrades, costly renovations, and marketing and pricing errors that can delay the sale and reduce your profit.

Navigating Paperwork

Another major benefit of hiring a top real estate agent is that you will have help filling out the massive amounts of paperwork associated with selling a home. Although it may seem minuscule, the paperwork you must fill out when selling a home is extensive and can get very tedious and confusing for those who are not familiar with the process.

Our Newest MLS Real Estate Listings

If you are wondering about the types of listings our realtors offer at the Lee Garland Group, some of them include:

Our Newest MLS Real Estate Listings

Here are some of the more popular neighborhoods in Mississippi:

  • Fannin/Barnes: This neighborhood has a median property price of $348,441. Most of the residents in this area own their homes and enjoy the unique aesthetic of living in the area.
  • Prairie: The median price of properties in this area is $278,749. This area is mostly comprised of wealthy, well-educated executives.
  • Langford: Langford has a median property price of $278,749. The residents in this area are known for being wealthy, well-educated executives.
  • Glensview Drive: The properties in this area have a median price of $256,004. This area is considered to be one of the best neighborhoods for families in Mississippi.
  • Greensfield: The properties in this area have a median price of $181,572. This area is also well-known for being a great location for families.
Jackson, MS Realtors

Why Our Realtor MS Services Are the Best

Given that we offer a convenient Madison location, entrusting the sale of your home to the top-rated realtors in our office is an excellent move. Given our famous Lee guarantee, we will either sell your home or buy it ourselves.

More Reasons to Sell Your Home with Us

You should consider selling your home with us for the following reasons:

Going Above and Beyond

Although you may be motivated to sell your home at the best price and as quickly as possible, our highly experienced, professional real estate agents are motivated to do this and anything else in their power to ensure the process is smooth and satisfactory. In general, we are not in the business of doing one-time transactions with our clients. Our top-rated realtors in Jackson, MS prefer to build long-term relationships with our clients that include working together many times over the years.

Post-Closing Clarifications

There are often things that occur and need to be clarified after closing. These matters can be inconvenient and frustrating, to say the least. However, we are here to hold your hand from the beginning of the process to the very end.

When you want to sell your home in Mississippi, we’re here to help. Be sure to contact the Lee Garland Group, and rest assured knowing that either we’ll sell it or Lee will buy it! View our houses and properties for sale in the Jackson, MS area!

Not Sure Which Method to Use? Let Us Guide You

The typical property owner comes to Lee Garland assuming they will have a traditional sale. You may not even realize that the other methods are options. If you weren’t aware of them, how could you know which one makes the most sense for you?

Our real estate professionals will help you choose which strategy makes the most sense. The most important factors will be your time constraints and how much you want to get for your home.

Maybe you already have a new home lined up and need to sell your old real estate quickly. On the other hand, you may be looking for a home and want to maximize the returns on your initial property investment. Perhaps you don’t want to have to prepare your property for others to view it. All of these factors influence what our real estate team will suggest you do.

we market your home to sell fast

Lee Garland by the Numbers

We already mentioned that Lee Garland has 300+ sales on average every single year, with more than 500 in 2018.

Since starting to offer his services as one of the Brandon realtors, he has successfully facilitated more than 9,000 transactions. This includes a total of over a billion dollars in sales across the homes for sale Mississippi residents have sold with Lee’s help.

Also, consider that Lee and his team average a home sale every 18 hours.

Reasons to Choose Us for Your Mississippi Realty Needs

The numbers give you an idea of why Madison, MS, homeowners choose Lee Garland when they have Mississippi homes for sale. Fortunately, Lee and his team offer so much more than sales.

Lee Builds Relationships

When you work with Lee, you are not just another one of the Mississippi houses for sale. You are a person who Lee builds a relationship with.
His rapport helps him better meet your needs, while his real estate expertise ensures you have all the information you need and that your home sells quickly and for a good price.
Our goal isn’t to just finish the sale and never see you again. We want to build a long-term relationship with each of our clients. We hope that anytime you need a realtor in the future, our team comes to mind.

We Stick With You

Our team will be with you throughout every single step of the process. From the moment you give us your home’s information until the purchase is finalized; we are here for you.

That support is also present if you decide to buy one of the many available Jackson, Mississippi, houses via our realty group. From the time you reach out to us with your requirements to when you view properties and sign the papers, we are there until everything is completed.

Still, have questions after closing? We will be happy to clarify everything for you. We are committed to the process going smoothly, no matter how much time and effort we have to put in to achieve that.

Maybe you already have a new home lined up and need to sell your old real estate quickly. On the other hand, you may be looking for a home and want to maximize the returns on your initial property investment. Perhaps you don’t want to have to prepare your property for others to view it. All of these factors influence what our real estate team will suggest you do.

free marketing analysis to sell your home

We Help You Avoid Mistakes

By staying with you throughout the process of listing houses for sale in Mississippi, we help ensure that you avoid common mistakes.
You won’t have to worry about pricing or marketing errors. You won’t have to wonder whether an upgrade or renovation is worth it. Let our knowledge and experience guide those decisions.

Take Advantage of an Innovative Marketing Strategy

We are familiar with all of the ways to market houses for sale in Jackson, Mississippi. We use this knowledge to market on a higher level, whether it is via radio ads, TV advertising, or social media. This helps ensure as many people as possible view your property listing. Of course, our marketing strategy also includes accessing the Multiple Listing Service. This ensures that thousands of other real estate agents and companies view your property, increasing the chance of a sale. It also helps attract potential buyers from across the country (or world) who appreciate the affordable answer to what is the cost of living in Mississippi.

Lee Averages Over 52 Times the Sales of Other Agents

In a single week, Lee averages more home sales than the typical agent will make in a full year.

Barbara Corcoran Trusts Lee

Anyone who has watched Shark Tank knows that you need knowledge, skills, and results to gain Barbara Corcoran’s endorsement.

You Can Choose How to Sell

There is no pressure to sell your property the traditional way and no pressure to sell it quickly. Our team will give you information about the three selling methods so you can choose the one that you prefer. Whether you want an instant cash offer for the house, a guaranteed home sale, or to try to sell your home to get the most money, we are here to assist. You get the same high level of attention and information regardless of your choice.



The Mississippi Numbers Are In!


Buying? Selling? Or still trying to decide? Let Lee Garland help!

505 Avalon Way, Suite A, Brandon, MS 39047

Phone: 601.983.1130

Service areas include: Brandon, Madison

Whether Buying or Selling, Lee Garland Meets Your Real Estate Needs

Lee Garland and the rest of our team look forward to working with you soon to sell your home or find a new one.
We will be with you every step of the way, ensuring you are happy with your transaction and ready to move on to the next stage of your life.

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