Your Home Sale Guaranteed

1. We give you a written guarantee offer.
2. Terms are agreed upon, up front.
3. We market your home!
We guarantee you that your home sells or Lee will buy it!
Welcome to a stress-free real estate experience!
We agree to terms before your home is listed.
You have a choice of whether to enter the Guaranteed Sold program.
Pricing suggestion for your home is based on detailed market analysis.
You get a free, no obligation home evaluation.

Rest Easy Knowing Your Home Will Sell or Lee Will Buy It!

Are you worried that you’ll have to wait around—fingers crossed—holding your breath and hoping that someone will buy your house? For some, the biggest worry is selling a home before taking out a 2nd mortgage for a new one. Maybe you’re on a time crunch and need to sell fast, or found yourself taking care of properties for a passed relative, or are just itching to get this thing over with for one reason or another—Lee Garland has your back.

With the Your Home Sale Guaranteed program, you can breathe easy—knowing that your home will sell no matter what. Here’s the deal: at the start of the 180-day contract, Lee Garland will agree on a guaranteed sale price for your home, then help you through the normal process of selling—with all the marketing muscle and guidance of the Traditional Sales program. If your property doesn’t sell by the end of the listing contract, Lee Garland will purchase it from you. It’s as simple as that. You can relax, knowing that your Brandon, Madison, or Jackson area house will be off your hands—no matter what—with the Lee Garland Group. For more information, contact us for home selling tips in the Jackson, MS area.

  1. There’s no catch. You mutually agree on the terms, so you know exactly what you’re getting.
  2. You can opt out. If you no longer feel this is the right plan for you, just opt out.
  3. It’s effective and efficient. With the 180-day contract, you have a viable timeframe to make your own moves—guaranteed.

Your Home Sale Guaranteed program is a premium product and, because of this, there are minimum guidelines:

  1. The property must be a single family site-built detached home. No mobile homes.
  2. The property must have at least 3 bedrooms.
  3. There must be enough sold homes comparable data for us to support the price.

Even if you do not think your property will qualify, we encourage you to discuss it with us—just in case we have an immediate need for a property like yours.

View Lee Garland’s available luxury properties for sale in the Jackson, MS area!

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