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If you want to sell your property in Jackson, Mississippi, you need the Lee Garland Group. They are easily the most professional guarantee real estate agents in Jackson, Mississippi. Let’s take a closer look at their offerings.

written guarantee offer
1. We give you a written guarantee offer.
agreed terms to sell
2. Terms are agreed upon, up front.
we market your home to sell fast
guaranteed sold
We guarantee you that your home sells or Lee will buy it!
relaxed and guaranteed home selling
Welcome to a stress-free real estate experience!
terms for home listing
We agree to terms before your home is listed.
guaranteed home sale programme
You have a choice of whether to enter the Guaranteed Sold program.
free marketing analysis to sell your home
Pricing suggestion for your home is based on detailed market analysis.
free home valuation
You get a free, no obligation home evaluation.

Rest Easy Knowing Your Home Will Sell or Lee Will Buy It!

Are you worried that you’ll have to wait around—fingers crossed—holding your breath and hoping that someone will buy your house? For some, the biggest worry is selling a home before taking out a 2nd mortgage for a new one. Maybe you’re on a time crunch and need to sell fast, or found yourself taking care of properties for a passed relative, or are just itching to get this thing over with for one reason or another—Lee Garland has your back.

With the Your Home Sale Guaranteed program, you can breathe easy—knowing that your home will sell no matter what. Here’s the deal: at the start of the 180-day contract, Lee Garland will agree on a guaranteed sale price for your home, then help you through the normal process of selling—with all the marketing muscle and guidance of the Traditional Sales program. If your property doesn’t sell by the end of the listing contract, Lee Garland will purchase it from you. It’s as simple as that. You can relax, knowing that your Brandon, Madison, or Jackson area house will be off your hands—no matter what—with the Lee Garland Group. For more information, contact us for home selling tips in the Jackson, MS area.

  1. There’s no catch. You mutually agree on the terms, so you know exactly what you’re getting.
  2. You can opt out. If you no longer feel this is the right plan for you, just opt out.
  3. It’s effective and efficient. With the 180-day contract, you have a viable timeframe to make your own moves—guaranteed.

Your Home Sale Guaranteed program is a premium product and, because of this, there are minimum guidelines:

  1. The property must be a single family site-built detached home. No mobile homes.
  2. The property must have at least 3 bedrooms.
  3. There must be enough sold homes comparable data for us to support the price.

Even if you do not think your property will qualify, we encourage you to discuss it with us—just in case we have an immediate need for a property like yours.

View Lee Garland’s available luxury properties for sale in the Jackson, MS area!

Wondering Why You Should Choose Our Guaranteed Sale Program?

Come to us if you need guaranteed homes. At the start of the 180-day contract, Lee Garland settles on a guaranteed sale price for your home. We then help you through the normal process of selling.

However, Lee Garland purchases it from you if your property is not sold at the end of the listing contract (you could opt out at any point).he Jackson, MS area.

We Will Help You Find the Right Real Estate Agent For Your Needs

It would help if you had the right guarantee real estate agent when looking to sell your home. Lee Garland has a team of diverse and engaged guarantee real estate agents who have the training and experience to handle your needs.

So no matter what your needs are, we have just the right guarantee real estate agent for you.

We Will Work Constantly Until Your Home Is Sold

We won’t rest until that home of yours is sold. We always put your priorities first and if that requires some extra work, so be it.

It doesn’t matter if the work requires long hours planning, working on social media or getting up early to help you get your home ready for a showing. Our professional guarantee real estate agency in Jackson, MS, is there for you.

Always remember this “no one works harder than a Garland.”

There Is No Hidden Information in Our Guaranteed Offer

As a reputable real estate service, we ensure that there is no secret detail in our guaranteed home sales program that might come back to haunt you.

With us, what you see is what you get. No tiny print or hidden catches.

Agree to Terms Before Your Home Is on a Multiple Listing Service

A multiple listing service (MLS) is a database established by real estate professionals networking together. Since it is a legally binding document, we ensure that you agree to the terms of the document before your home gets on an MLS.

We Guarantee to Sell, No Matter the Odds

Our guaranteed sale program real estate is designed to get your home sold guaranteed. First, we prepare a market analysis of your home, complete with a computerized printout of all comparable homes to be sold and current listings in the area.

We then determine a market value for your home, your guaranteed price, and the list price you receive upfront and in writing before we begin to market your home. With such a plan and the kind of services that we offer, we guarantee that it is only a matter of time before potential buyers start trooping in.

Results Are Proof That We Have the Best Services in the Area

Numbers don’t lie. And we have the numbers and results as proof that we are the best at guaranteed home sale in the area.

Lee Garland started around 2014, and since then, he has averaged over 300 sales annually. Sometime in 2018, he hit 500+ closed transactions in a single year.

But there are more figures. The Lee Garland Group has achieved $1,000,000,000 in sales from 9,000+ transactions!

Your Home Will Sell or Lee Will Buy It

You might not have the liberty of time for either our aggressive Traditional Sale or the Your Home Sale Guaranteed programs due to a range of reasons. Lee Garland also offers the Get an Instant Cash Offer option to avoid listing, showings, appraisals, home inspections, repairs, and, more importantly, you get to save time. We require you to provide all the details that we need about your house. You then meet with a Lee Garland Group listing specialist, and voila! You get our Buy It Now cash offer on your home within 72 hours.

Lee Garland has won awards for the #1 position (statewide) for number of sales, the #1 position for volume, and the Diamond Team Award—RE/MAX’s highest honor. Few real estate services can match such experience.

Our Real Estate Agents Have All the Answers - Do Not Hesitate Anymore

Our innovative real estate professionals are constantly on the lookout to create ways to simplify the home selling process.This eliminates all the guesswork and stress of selling your home in Jackson, Mississippi.

We Will Guide You Through the Selling Process

Although the home selling process might differ from one state to another, it could be a strenuous affair if you don’t work with the right people. Some of the steps in the process include:

  • Finding out how much your home is worth.
  • Getting your home ready to be sold.
  • Marketing your home.
  • Showing your home.
  • Receiving purchase offers and negotiating.
  • Opening escrow and order title.
  • Scheduling an appraisal.
  • Cooperating with the Home Inspection.
  • Delivering seller disclosures.
  • Negotiating requests for repair.
  • Getting the buyer to release contingencies.
  • Signing the title and escrow documents.
  • Closing escrow.

We Will Provide All the Necessary Information for a Seamless Home-selling

Selling a house can be a complicated process that requires a substantial amount of documentation, such as:

  • Mortgage loan documentation.
  • Mandatory disclosures.
  • Deed to the house.
  • Property tax documentation.
  • Homeowners’ insurance records.
  • Personal identification information.
  • Original sale contract.
  • Final purchase and sale agreement.

You needn’t have to worry about these sources of information. We will take care of everything.

Choose Our Sales Experience to Sell Your Property Stress-Free

Lee Garland has won awards for the #1 position (statewide) for number of sales, the #1 position for volume, and the Diamond Team Award—RE/MAX’s highest honor.

Few real estate services can match such experience.

Focus on Moving Into Your New Home and Leave the Old One to Us

As a leading guarantee real estate service in the Jacksonville area, we guarantee that our clients’ homes get sold. So all you need to do is focus on moving to and living in your new home. We will handle the old one, so you can rest assured that it is in good hands.

If All Else Fails, We Are Interested and Will Buy It

Although we have absolute confidence in our abilities to sell your home, there might be several reasons along the way that could hamper the sales of homes.

But that shouldn’t be a cause for alarm for you because we buy homes from our clients. Any one of our Traditional Sale, Guaranteed Sold plans, or Buy It Now! offers will make you smile to the bank.

Call Us and Sell Your Home, Guaranteed

Are you looking for guarantee home sales? The right thing would be to call us at 601.983.1130.

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