How to Hire a Realtor to Sell Your Home in Mississippi

What is a Robinhood real estate agent?

A Realtor is an individual who works in real estate. They are members of the National Association of Realtors. To become a member, one must agree to uphold the organization’s ethical and professional standards. A local chapter is required to become a Robinhood, Mississippi, real estate agent. The NAR regulates how realtors are used. Anyone who isn’t a member of good standing with the NAR is not allowed to call themselves a realtor. If you are looking for a qualified Realtor in Robinhood, MS, you can trust the team at Lee Garland Group to get the job done!

What does a Realtor do for their clients?

A Robinhood, Mississippi realtor can help individuals buy or sell property. Listing agents sell property and buyers’ agents help clients purchase property. They are knowledgeable about the laws in each region that govern selling and buying properties. They can help with the price of your Robinhood, Mississippi property as well as offer advice on how to sell it. They can also help you negotiate and complete all required paperwork. If you are searching for houses and property for sale in Robinhood, MS, our realtors will get you on the right track!

What are the differences between Realtors and Real Estate Agents?

Although they have similar roles, realtors and real estate agents must adhere to different standards. The NAR requires that realtors be members. They must also adhere to its code of ethics. Licenses are required for both real estate agents as well as realtors. This involves passing an examination and taking coursework. Mississippi law requires that your license be renewed every 2 years. You must also complete 16 hours of continuing education. Our realtors in Robinhood, MS are adept in NAR’s code of ethics and have all the licenses needed to assist you!

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What are the pros & cons of hiring Robinhood, Mississippi’s real estate agent?

Here are some examples:


  • Save Time
  • Exclusive active listings available
  • All paperwork will be taken care
  • Professionals will make you feel confident knowing that your work is being done with integrity
  • You can personalize your home search to fit your needs


  • There are high prices involved
  • List agency listings should be your focus
  • Conflicts could arise
  • It is possible not to understand the paperwork

To learn more, contact Lee Garland and get matched with a realtor in Robinhood, MS today! Find houses and properties for sale in the area with the help of our team.


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