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We may come across as a bit intimidating to people in the Madison MS area who don’t know us well. However, we are just passionate about the work that we do. Since 1996, we’ve been working hard to build relationships in the real estate industry and connect people to the homes that are the most ideal for them. The Lee Garland Group of Madison MS puts in the effort with all things real estate – buying and selling quality properties is what we’ve become well known for! Thousands of people throughout the area have come to us and rely on our expert advice when it comes to purchasing houses and selling their homes. We recognize that this is an emotional and stressful time for many individuals and families who feel as though it will be a difficult process. We’re here to make it more streamlined.

We average more than 300 sales per year currently and have over one billion in sales. We care about our clients and the Jackson area in general, a fact which is made evident by how we’ve “got your back” through every step of the process. Whether it’s your first time buying a house, or you consider it to be your last, Lee Garland Group hopes to get you the results that you want.

In addition to our real estate work, we also make it a point to give back to the community in many ways. This includes our partnership with the Hood Scout Reservation. In October 2018, we gifted them with audio, visual, and lighting components for their arena. We also have given to first responders throughout Mississippi as we strongly believe in what they do. This is behind our commitment to providing quality services to our clients as well.

Reasons Why You Need Our Madison Realtor Services

Why might you benefit from realtor service in Madison? There are numerous reasons it would be helpful to have such a professional on your side. It’s a good idea to research this before you get started.

Experience and Knowledge

Even if you’re about to sell your third home, it doesn’t equate to having the same level of knowledge that you’ll find with a real estate agent. Listing agents are aware of the local market and will be able to put an appropriate price on your house. This is a crucial step you need to take in order to close the deal. In addition, they’ll be able to prepare you for any paperwork you’ll have to put together and sign.

Networking Is Key

In addition to the MLS, your agent should be involved with agent networks. This will help you sell the property quicker since you’ll have it on networks that are locality-specific like Zillow and Trulia. Then, other agents who have clients who may be interested in your home will see the listing which gives the Sqft, how many beds and baths the property has and many other details.

Negotiations Made Easier

When you have a professional real estate agent in your corner it helps with negotiations. They are able to dissociate from an emotional mindset. This way, they’ll present your best case and not miss confidential details, so they get you an amazing deal.

Make Necessary Clarifications

Your transaction went smoothly? That’s great, however there is always a chance that there will be complications out of nowhere. For instance, invoices might get mixed up and property tax assessments can present a problem if you don’t know what to expect. Fix this fast by contacting your agent.

Newest MLS Real Estate Listings in Madison

We know that almost anyone would be happy to live in the Annandale, Madisonville, E Hill Dr, or Cedar Hill areas of Madison MS. This is because it is a great place to raise your family. There is an excellent educational support system in Madison and the crime levels are low. Madison is the 13th largest town in Mississippi with a population of 25,676. Many people in this town work in white-collar careers such as management, healthcare, and sales. There is a high rate of homeownership with a great deal of these being single-family homes. It is an ethnically diverse community.

See below for newly listed popular houses in the area.

This house has 5 beds, 2 baths, and a spacious backyard. It is 1,960 Sqft.

This property features 4 beds and 3 baths, it has a bonus room and a fully-fenced backyard as well as a 2 car garage.

This property is in Twin Harbor and it has 3 beds and 2 baths. This single-family home was built in 1992 and has 1,271 Sqft.

This home features 3 beds and 2 baths and is 1,588 Sqft. The single-family home was built in 2011.

Why Our Madison Realtor Services Are the Best in MS

We have partnered with listing services that put your property listing in front of a ton of agents from all over the area.

Another benefit to working with a realtor is that you will have help when it comes to staging or at the very least, to find a staging consultant. This helps you put your best foot forward to be impressive. You want someone to be able to imagine it being their dream home and wanting to buy it right away!

FAQ’s For Madison Home Sellers & Buyers

    • Is Madison MS a good place to live?

Yes, Madison is an ideal spot whether you’re single, a family, or a couple. The school system is wonderful and many of the residents are college educated. It is a rural area and most people own their homes. It has a low crime rate and though properties can be on the expensive side, it’s well worthwhile.

    • How far is Madison MS from Jackson MS?

Madison and Jackson are about 12 miles apart if you are traveling via the I-55 S route. It takes about 15 minutes to get to Jackson from Madison.

At the Lee Garland Group, we pride ourselves on helping with every aspect of your buying or selling transaction. We ensure that your listing gets in front of more people than on your every real estate website with our connection to numerous networks and agents. As a reputable Maddison Realtor, we also assist with paperwork, staging advice, and truly knowing the market and community where you hope to live or where the house you’re selling is located. Put your trust in us and we won’t steer you wrong.

Overall, if you are interested in selling a home in Madison, MS, we’re here to help. Be sure to contact the Lee Garland Group and rest assured knowing that either we’ll sell it or Lee will buy it!



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