Real Estate Marketing Tips in Jackson, MS

Billboards, online ads, TV, the big screen at the movies—real estate and marketing are two peas in a pod, but there’s much more strategy than meets the eye. Seriously, marketing is a crucial part of the Lee Garland business. The amount of energy invested is unparalleled and it shows.

Our goal is simple: to market properties on a higher level than the competition, while keeping the seller informed every step of the way. Since 2014 we’ve averaged 300+ sales per year, and in 2018 we hit our long-term goal of 500+ closed transactions in a single year. Our real estate marketing tips work, because our team in Jackson, MS works harder. Period.

Don’t stress—we’ll give you the tools to prepare and present your house in the best light possible (both literally and figuratively). We know how to take a potential buyer’s breath away. Once your house is ready, leave the rest to Lee Garland—we pour our efforts into promotion through all of our different outlets, and it’s not uncommon to get hundreds of engagements from a single open house event. People love them, and so do we!

We’ll be honest: incredible photos are the key to the Lee Garland marketing machine. Our professional photographers ensure you’ll get top-notch, high-definition photos of your home to help feed various outlets. We create 3D virtual tours, dollhouse views, aerial shots, and individualized links to share your beautiful abode all over the globe.

Facebook, Twitter, Google—social media is another critical part of our marketing strategy, and we’re always learning new ways to connect. More Americans than ever are scrolling through their social networks, so we stay on top of all the tricks to halt those thumbs and grab those eyes—to get them through the front door.

Besides all the standard methods you might guess, when it comes to marketing sellers’ homes—along with the Your Home Sale Guaranteed and Get an Instant Cash Offer programs—there’s a ton of behind-the-scenes marketing that Lee Garland uses to get people’s attention. We optimize our search engine results, use pay-per-click ads, and employ major real estate portals like Zillow. You might even find us showing up on the competition’s page—that’s how resourceful we can be.

The bottom line is: Lee Garland is everywhere. We’re persistent. We’re connected. At the end of the day, all this leads to more eyes, more buyers, and more happy people—including you. For more information on our available property listings in Jackson, MS, reach out to a member at Lee Garland.

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