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Our expert real estate agents are ready to help you with this important step of preparing your home to be sold. Accurately determining your property value is crucial to ensure your home is listed at the best price. If not, it is possible to over or under value your home, which will lead to challenges further down in the selling process. The Lee Garland Group will be able to precisely determine your home’s value. This will save you time and energy and give you an edge as they prepare your property listing. One of the tools most helpful in this process is our home value estimator. Our real estate team in Jackson Mississippi is ready to help you get ready to sell your home!

We have created a home value estimator tool that is quick and easy to use. Scroll down below and answer a few quick questions about your current home. Knowing a few basic things such as how many bedrooms and bathrooms your home has will give us a good start to determining your home’s value for your property listing in Jackson, MS. Home value estimators also need to know the best way to get in touch with you, so we can talk to you about your property value and explore next steps in creating your property listing and putting your home on the market. 

Our home value estimator is only the first step in successfully selling your home in Jackson, Mississippi. The home value estimator tool will prepare you and your Lee Garland Group real estate agent for an accurate home appraisal. Your Lee Garland Group agent will use the information from the home value estimator tool and your goals for selling your property listing. Jackson, MS has a flourishing real estate market, and there is no better time to sell your home. Get started today with our home value estimator tool!

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